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MDaemon Messaging Server — Features Comparison

MDaemon Messaging Server comes in Standard and Pro Editions. These charts shows the major differences between versions of MDaemon to assist in matching requirements.

To view a breakdown of Features by Product Release click here.

Services MDaemon
Maximum accounts 50 Unlimited
Browser-based remote administration Yes Yes
New mail notification via closed instant messenger Yes Yes
POP3, SMTP, DomainPOP and MultiPOP Yes Yes
Calendar and free/busy server Yes
Server-hosted public & shared IMAP folders with Access Control Lists (ACL) Yes
IMAP mail filtering rules Yes
Closed instant messaging and mail access client integrated within webmail Yes
Account validation using Minger server Yes
SSL / TLS / StartTLS Yes
Mailing Lists: 5: 50 users Unlimited
• Digests Yes Yes
• Subscribe/Unsubscribe support Yes Yes
• Moderator options Yes Yes
• Post-only / Read-only access Yes Yes
• Archiving Yes
• ODBC support and Active Directory support Yes
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Mobile Access MDaemon
Built-in BES for MDaemon to support BlackBerry® smartphones1
  • Advanced email
  • Wireless synchronization
  • Up-to-date calendaring
  • Integrated contacts
  • Device IT policy management and security
  • BlackBerry Balance technology
  • Remote file access
Over-the-air (OTA) synchronization via Microsoft ActiveSync plug-in for individual email, calendar, and contacts on smartphones and tablets3 Yes
One simple management console to manage BlackBerry smartphone functionality1
  • Domain level device policy management
  • Customizable device IT policies
  • Password assignments / resets
  • Remote device wiping
Supports BlackBerry push email, Inbox Mapping and contact synchronization for BlackBerry devices via BlackBerry Internet Service data plan1 Yes
Windows Mobile® / PocketPC®, Symbian®, Palm®, iPhone®, and Android® smartphone support2 Yes Yes
Internet access to email and contacts via webmail client Yes Yes
Wireless access to email via POP3 Yes Yes
Internet access to email, contacts, calendar, notes, and tasks via webmail client Yes
Wireless access to email, contacts, calendar, and tasks using IMAP and SyncML Yes
Email access for WAP/XHTML- and SyncML-compatible phones Yes
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Accounts MDaemon
Permanently- or temporarily-scheduled auto-responders; can be enabled/disabled without loss of configuration Yes Yes
Automatic mail forwarding Yes Yes
Account groups Yes Yes
Account restrictions and quotas Yes Yes
Account-based signature files Yes Yes
Aliases and Aliases with wildcards Yes Yes
Attachment linking for attachment storage and retrieval as needed Yes
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Webmail and Groupware MDaemon
Calendar folders Yes
Contact folders Yes
Tasks folders Yes
Notes folders Yes
Folder sharing Yes
Free/Busy support Yes
Meeting requests, with automatic updates of attendees Yes
Microsoft Outlook® integration (via plug-in)4 Yes
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Spam Filtering MDaemon
Anti-spam server Yes
Heuristic messaging scoring Yes
RPD (Recurrent Pattern Detection) (via plug-in)5 Yes
Spam traps Yes
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Virus Filtering MDaemon
Kaspersky AV engine (via plug-in) 5 Yes
Zero Hour™ detection (via plug-in) 5 Yes
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Content Based Filtering MDaemon
Scriptable content filtering Yes Yes
Attachment restriction Yes Yes
Attachment compression Yes Yes
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Security: IP / DNS Based MDaemon
IP shielding Yes Yes
Trusted IPs and hosts Yes Yes
DNS blacklists Yes Yes
PTR, HELO, and MAIL reverse lookup validation Yes Yes
Ability to drop connections upon PTR and EHLO/HELO mismatch Yes
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Security: Suppression Based MDaemon
Address blacklists Yes Yes
Host screening Yes Yes
IP screening Yes Yes
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Security: Activity Based MDaemon
Tarpitting Yes Yes
Dynamic DoS, dictionary and brute force attack detection and prevention Yes Yes
Bandwidth throttling Yes
Greylisting Yes
HashCash Yes
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Security: Authentication Based MDaemon
Strong password support Yes Yes
SenderID Yes Yes
SPF (Sender Policy Framework) Yes Yes
Vouch-by-Reference (VBR) Message Certification Yes
DomainKeys signing and verification Yes
DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) signing and verification, and DKIM Author Domain Signing Practices (ADSP) support Yes
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Security: Verification Based MDaemon
Anti-relaying Yes Yes
SMTP Authentication Yes Yes
POP before SMTP Yes Yes
Minger recipient verification Yes
LDAP recipient verification Yes
Backscatter protection Yes
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System / Administration MDaemon
Real-time session activity logging Yes Yes
Domain-based signature files Yes Yes
Low disk space alert notifications Yes Yes
New Account templates with automatically-configured setting Yes Yes
Account import/export Yes Yes
SMTP greeting "site policy" support Yes Yes
Automated old mail and inactive account deletion, and account import/export Yes Yes
Use of arbitrary addresses for account restrictions feature Yes Yes
Comprehensive message logging Yes Yes
SMTP data transfer limits Yes Yes
Configurable storage locations Yes Yes
Configurable mail port, protocol timeout, and session inactivity values Yes Yes
Delivery of mail directly to recipients' mail server or to recipients' ISP Yes Yes
Allow sending password-protected files to users upon request Yes Yes
Simplified (on/off) message archiving Yes Yes
Plug-in support Yes
Archiving to public folders, including forwarded messages Yes
Multiple mail domains Yes
Domain sharing (split domain to multiple servers) Yes
Attachment linking for quick mobile message downloads Yes
Support for multiple mail queues Yes
Unlimited mail delivery schedules Yes
Active Directory integration Yes
LDAP account database backend support Yes
ODBC account database backend support Yes
Automatic configuration when used in a backup MX role Yes
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  • 1 - Certain management, security or wireless synchronization features may not be available in all markets; please refer to product release notes.
  • 2 - May require SyncML application on device for full PIM synchronization.
  • 3 - Not all devices support OTA synchronization.
  • 4 - Requires Outlook Connector for MDaemon v 2.2.5 plug-in.
  • 5 - Requires SecurityPlus for MDaemon plug-in.
  • † - MDaemon Messaging Server (formerly MDaemon Pro)
  • All contents based on information gathered from vendors websites.